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March Product of the Month: Karera Power Bank

At Safeguard, we know how essential it is for your business to keep up with the times. So, no matter what business you are in make sure your promotional products are keeping your clients’ interest in the here and now. Safeguard suggests the Karera Power Bank as a promotional product for all your customers in 2017. The Karera Power Bank is a great tool for recharging your smartphone and other mobile devices. To use, just charge the Power Bank and keep on hand for when your smart device loses power.  The power bank includes 2000 mAh power with a full one amp of output. We can easily add your logo, your slogan, or an image to the side of the bank. The bank is also available in a variety of colors such as black, blue, lime green, orange, purple, red, white and more! We can use your business’ color to add a unique pop to the device.


How does this device stand up when compared to others like it? When compared to a similar product the 2000 mAh Metallic Cylinder Power Bank the superiority of the Karera Power Bank is evident. Though both products have the same price, the Karera Power Bank offers an improved user interaction. The Karera Power Bank is easier to hold. Think about trying to hold on to or find a cylinder in a dark purse or backpack; you will know how tough it can be. Meanwhile, the Karera Power Bank is more substantial and easier to find when searching for it.


Coming back to color, the 2000 mAh Metallic Cylinder Power Bank is only available in blue and red while the Karera Power Bank is available in the wide variety of colors listed above. The Karera Power Bank also offers an optional epoxy dome which the 2000 mAh Metallic Cylinder Power Bank does not. The Karera Power Bank also provides the option to put your vector art on the power bank if you so choose. It also provides a keychain while the 2000 mAh Metallic Cylinder Power Bank does not. A customer will be more likely to remember your company name if they can keep up with a product you give them and they will be more liable to keep up with it with a keychain.


So why should you market with this device now? Think about the rise of data-intensive apps and near-constant streaming video. Customers without an external mobile charging device are going to end up a with a dead phone. Reading this article your phone is probably under 30%. When you save your customer from having a dead, phone, you’ll end up with a positive association for your business and the customer seeing your logo multiple times a day as they will keep having to charge their phone throughout the day.


To learn more about ordering the Karera Power Bank or about other digital promotional products contact us today! We will talk with you and figure out how to best customize this product and our many others for your business and promotional requirements.

Top Promotional Products of 2016

Every year new items are released and become trendy as promotional merchandise. Promotional products are any items that can be used for marketing or advertising. Typically businesses like to include a logo, slogan or company name on their promotional merchandise.

Promotional products could be a pen, bag, shirt, hat, jacket, water bottle, coffee mug, clock, journal, etc. that is given to a prospective customer or client.

New items are released yearly and become on trend. Businesses need to stay on top of the trends as an important aspect of promotional items is that customers continue to wear or carry the item. After you give your promotional merchandise to a client, you want them to carry the item around to display your brand to as many people as possible. This is how promotional items bring an ROI by increasing brand recognition and creating a stronger connection with a customer.

Continue reading for a list of some of the top promotional merchandise items of 2016. Would one of these items be the right fit for your business? If so contact us at 843-801-3907 or

Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones

Not the most practical gift as far as price goes, but if you really want to impress a client gift them with a bluetooth speaker or headphones. Clients can connect to the speakers or headphones using their mobile device. See examples of bluetooth speakers we offer below and click here for more details.


Phone Port

Phone ports are not only nice gifts, they are incredibly useful for clients to have.  A phone hub or port can be very useful when they have multiple USB hubs to be able to charge more than item at a time. They are also carried from place to place and often brought out in busy areas like airports or coffee shops. If you want a promotional item seen a lot a phone port like this one here would be a good idea.

Credit Card Sleeve

Phones are always in people’s hands, held up in front of their faces. Why not stick your logo on it? A credit card sleeve can be stuck to the back of a mobile phone to hold people’s credit cards in lieu of having to carry a wallet or bag. See out card sleeve here that can be personalized with your company logo.


Coolers have been a popular promotional product for many years and 2016 was no different. Yeti Coolers are incredibly popular but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a cooler to get the same effect. Gift your customers with a cooler that you know will be taken to large group events like football games or company picnics to be seen by potentially hundreds of people. Placing your logo on a cooler and gifting it to a customer means increased brand recognition as the useful product gets toted around. See one of our coolers online here.


If you are trying to reach a younger or more hip clientelle think about some of our emoji products. Emojis are fun faces and icons used in text messaging. They can quickly convey a thought with a single image. Emojis are most popular with kids, teenagers and young adults who have grown up with iPhones. Gift your young customers with a fun emoji keychain, like the one here, to bring a smile to your clients face!

We hope this list of Top Promotional Products of 2016 has given you some good ideas!

If you have any questions or would like more information about any of these products please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Corporate Holiday Gifts

corporate holiday giftsThe holiday season is upon us and for many businesses that means purchasing gifts for employees and customers. Often times companies struggle to find the right gifts for their employees and customers while maintaining a budget. Businesses don’t want to give the same gifts as everyone else. You want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with your corporate gifts. Safeguard Business Solutions can help your company find the perfect gifts!

Businesses like to reward their employees at Christmastime with a gift or a few gifts to demonstrate how much they have valued their hard work all year long. Business owners also tend to thank their top clients during the holidays with a thoughtful gift.

A great idea for your gifts might be to include a logo on the present. For example you could gift your employees and clients with a coffee mug with your business name and logo. This way wherever the gift receiver visits, your branding will be seen!

Great gifts to give including your logo include shirts and jackets, coffee cups or travel mugs, lunch totes, bags and hats. See a few examples of these gifts below:


Safeguard Promotional Merchandise Ideas: Corporate Apparel

Safeguard Business Solutions offers many different categories of promotional merchandise to help market and brand your business in your local community. Corporate apparel has many benefits for your business.

The top way corporate apparel adds value and ROI is by being a conversation starter. When you or one of your employees meets someone new, the logo on your shirt can be an easy ice breaker. You can share information about your business, receive feedback if a person is familiar with your business and more!

Another way corporate apparel adds value is by branding your company. While a website and app are excellent way to share your company’s message, they are not enough on their own. By you and your employees wearing your logo around town, you are creating brand recognition among those you come in contact with.

Safeguard Charleston is a part of local networking events in the lowcountry including Great Business Networking and G-Net Charleston. Our people always attend events wearing the Safeguard logo as it is an easy way to create brand awareness at these networking events.

Corporate apparel can include embroidered polos, golf shirts, t-shirts, hats, jackets, fleece, bags and more, made for both men and women. Any apparel you are searching for, Safeguard can find it and add your logo.

Corporate apparel can be worn in the business during the work day or for casual wear on the weekends. See examples of our corporate apparel below and contact us to place your order today!

Safeguard Promotional Merchandise Ideas: Drinkware

Safeguard Charleston offers many different promotional merchandise including apparel, coozies, pens, tote bags, stationary products, business checks, post cards, and more. We would like to tell you more about each category of products to give you an idea of how different promotional merchandise can help you grow and brand your business.

To begin with let’s discuss drinkware. This category of promotional items includes tumblers, mugs, and water bottles. According to the American Specialty Institute, the promotional merchandise industry’s biggest membership organization, 84% of people remember the business who gave them promotional items.

Gifting clients or potential clients with drinkware ensures not only the client will see and be reminded of your business but the advertisement will also be taken to many different locations, like restaurants, shops, schools or even airports.  A water bottle with your logo on it might go to the gym, on errands, and to a different workplace all in one day!

Clients are more likely to retain a coffee mug or tumbler and use the drinkware on a regular basis versus a less expensive item like a pen or flyer. At a trade show or event, your table will stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching tumbler design. With a custom print of your company logo, tumblers, mugs or water bottles could become your next successful promotional product!


Safeguard Charleston Sponsors G-Net Events

promotional merchandise company mt. pleasant sc

Safeguard Business Solutions knows that networking in the local community is a vital part of a business organization.

Safeguard of Charleston, South Carolina participates in networking events through Greater Business Networking and G-Net Charleston.

We have sponsored the last two G-Net events in West Ashley and will sponsor next month’s event in North Charleston. We are proud to sponsor these local networking events that let business owners interact and engage with other small businesses.

G-Net Events also gives us the opportunity to share what we do for Charleston businesses and how we can help others grow their business. We have provided promotional merchandise and products, such as pens,  coozies, tote bags, drinkware, notebooks and more, to businesses throughout the lowcountry.

promotional merchandise company mount pleasant sc promotional merchandise ideas mount pleasant sc

We also use the opportunity of the G-Net events to tell local businesses about our upcoming expo: Ignite Your Brand. The business expo will be on October 18 from 10:30 am to 2 pm at the Charleston Area Convention Center. At this event you will not only have the opportunity to learn more about Safeguard Business Solutions but you will also get the chance to meet over 20 of the industries top promotional products and apparel vendors. These local and national vendors can assist with the production of any branded and core business product needs your company may have. Learn more about our vendors here before visiting the expo!

We would love to see you at next month’s G-Net event which Safeguard will again be sponsoring. The event will be on Tuesday, September 20 from 6 to 8 pm at 843 Korean BBQ in North Charleston. Make sure to enter the rally to win one of Safeguard’s favorite items. It could be any of our promotional merchandise like a blag, tumbler, office items or apparel. You will have to come to find out!